Opening Soon: The JLFW Diaper Bank

In 2019, the Junior League of Fort Worth (JLFW) announced its intent to start a diaper bank: the JLFW Diaper Bank. Our goal is for the JLFW to serve as a mobilizer and connecter for diaper need in Tarrant County.

The JLFW Diaper Bank, to be housed at the Tarrant Area Food Bank, will officially open in 2020 at a to-be-announced date.


  • Supporting Health: Diaper need is a health crisis. When individuals do not have the means to provide enough clean diapers for daily use, health risks rise.
  • Supporting Fort Worth: The JLFW has identified a gap in services provided in Fort Worth relative to diaper need. Our women believe we can successfully fill this gap and assist our community.
  • Supporting Inclusivity: A diaper bank has a broad outreach within Tarrant County, and is a direct response to those in need and caught in poverty.


  • The JLFW Diaper Bank distributes supplies exclusively to approved Partner Agencies in order to best serve the community. We are unable to serve individuals and will direct them to partner agencies
  • The focus of the JLFW Diaper Bank is diapers of all sizes, including adult diapers; diapers are currently distributed through pilot opportunities until the official opening.
  • The JLFW Diaper Bank obtains diapers through diaper drives, grants and purchasing at a discount.
  • In March 2020, the JLFW Diaper Bank became a Community Partner with the National Diaper Bank Network. Membership in the National Diaper Bank Network (“NDBN”) includes tools to help raise awareness of diaper need, access to grant funding and diaper purchasing programs.

The JLFW will soon accept applications from local nonprofit agencies to participate with us. The application process includes the following steps:

  • Nonprofit agency completes the JLFW Diaper Bank Application on the JLFW website.
  • JLFW Diaper Bank Leadership Team reviews applications during the first week of each month.
  • Approved agencies receive a JLFW Diaper Bank Order Form.
  • The JLFW Diaper Bank fulfills orders.
  • Agency picks up order at Tarrant Area Food Bank upon receipt of email stating order is ready.

If you have any questions about the JLFW Diaper Bank, please reach out to the JLFW Diaper Bank committee at The official opening of the JLFW Diaper Bank will be communicated in the months to come.